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Arabian Nights

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Sleeping under the desert sky and hearing the faint noise from the nearby market, listening to the merchant and customer haggle over the price of a hand loomed carpet, transports you into this exotic environment.

In this suite, at our Inn in downtown Bigfork, you'll sleep in a king bed under a canopy of luxurious brocade fabrics with tassels.

One of the unique design aspects is the sink: water flows from a pitcher on the wall into a copper bucket on an old trunk, reminiscent of merchants traveling the silk route who brought home treasures from faraway countries.

You can enjoy this exotic experience right here in Bigfork, Montana, with a stay in our Arabian Nights suite.

The Arabian Nights room has a coffee maker, refrigerator, hair dryer, heat and air conditioning.

The suite has a private patio overlooking Bigfork Bay on Flathead Lake.

Off-season price (Sept. 1 to June 1) $145. High-season price $195.


Video by Montana Living

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