the teepee

This is not roughing it. You’ll get all the luxuries needed to make this the ultimate camping experience. With a 24 foot diameter living space, you’ll get to spread out and be able to stand up everywhere you’re going. The Teepee is equipped with electricity to give you the comfort of home. (No TV). Leave the smoke flap open and watch the moon and the stars sparkle overhead. You might see an occasional satellite cross right overhead.

You’ll be sleeping in a regular bed with a top of the line mattress. A second sleeping platform with a memory foam mattress will host the unexpected guest. You’ll step onto bearskin rugs and handwoven southwest Indian rugs. The Walls are decorated with indian artifacts, pictures of local Salish Indians in full dance regalia. A large drum will replace the cellphone communication . If that does not work, smoke signals will sure be spotted by the next Indian camp.

A firepit in the middle of the Teepee will add atmosphere and warmth on a cool evening.

A full bathroom with toilet, sink and shower is available only 50 feet away. Bathrobes, slippers and all the essentials inc. blow dryer are provided.

A covered seating area with coffee maker, microwave is strategically located to enjoy the panoramic view of Flathead Lake. You can take a stroll through the gardens and the orchard, sample the fruit and talk to the the many deer living on the property with you.

You can roast a hot dog or a marshmallow over a large fire pit or grill a steak on the propane BBQ in the outdoor recreation area.

Most of all, your soul will be filled with the beauty that surrounds you, the magnificent sunsets over Flathead Lake and the communion with nature. Experience it by yourself or share it with your children, it will create memories to last a lifetime.


  • Free wireless internet
  • Access to the full 5-acre property, including fruit orchard

Pricing: High Season: 2 guests $195.00 - 4 guests $ 245.00 Low season: $ 145.00 - $165.00

Weekly and monthly rental available in high as well as low season. Call Margrit at 406.837.2328 for details.